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2020 bathroom trend

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

2019 colour bathrooms and shower trends
2020 bathroom trends. Don't be shy to add a splash of colour or a feature mirror or hardware

This year seems to be the rise of colour in bathroom details.

Everything including the bathroom sink

Feature sinks seem to be a big trend this year. Feature colours, terrazzo is having a moment right now and feature style sinks, square, rectangular, circular or decorative. Use this as a main feature of the bathroom.

Coloured tapware

Brushed brass is very popular at the moment however nickle, matte black and copper are all a stunning feature and the rise of PVD giving beautiful new colours to add a pop of colour.

Round & oval mirrors

Gone are the days of the rectangle glued to wall mirror. 2019 is loving the decorative mirror to be an eye catching accessory of the bathroom.

Not ready to commit to an expensive reno change?

Use stunning accessories to give the pop of colour of feel that you wish to create. Quality coloured towels add colour, look luxurious and instantly update a bathroom at a fraction of the cost without the long term commitment. Live plants, feature vases with decorative flowers and other decorative items or beautiful soap containers can all change the look of a bathroom. Freshen showers with shower sealing and breath new life into a dull, dirty shower for a fraction of the cost of a re-tile. Keeping a bathroom, clean and simple with only a few feature items will draw the eye and impress.

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