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Can Shower Sealing Stop My Shower Leaking?

There are many causes of a leaking shower. This is why we always send a highly skilled Sealed Right technician to properly asses each individual shower. During an assessment they will complete various testing including pressure testing and moisture monitoring and perform both physical and visual inspection.

Some symptoms that indicate shower sealing as a suitable solution include:

-missing, peeling and lifting silicone

-missing, chipped, sandy or cracked grout

-mould within the shower, on sealant, grout or on adjoining walls both inside or outside the shower

-cracks or gaps anywhere within the shower recess

-damp carpet on adjoining walls

-scale build up on areas outside shower

-rotting door frames and skirting boards

These are just some easy and recognizable signs. If left too long you could be up for a costly shower renovation.

Shower sealing to stop leaking showers
Shower sealing on the Gold Coast

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