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Did you know leaking showers attract termites?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Moisture behind walls from a leaking shower create the perfect conditions for a colony of termites to thrive.

Termites depend on moisture or damp timber as its easy for them to break down and a colony can quickly spread into stud and beams located around and underneath the shower.

Having your shower sealed and re-grouted prevents moisture from seeping into the wall cavity and into your timber frame eliminating the means for termites to survive.

Have your leaking shower repaired by Sealed Right without having to remove tiles. This cost effective shower repair service starts from as little as $375 and could save you thousands.

For a FREE no obligation quote call one of experienced shower sealing and shower repair technicians today on 0431 172 784 or head to our booking page now.

Shower sealing and shower repair by Sealed Right Gold Coast prevents termites entering the bathroom
Don't invite termites into your place. Have your shower sealed by Sealed Right Gold Coast today

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