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Prevention is key

Leaking showers and baths can cause major damage to surrounding walls and floors, allowing tiles to lift and causing rot and allowing the perfect breeding ground for termites.

Once your leaking shower has caused this damage sadly the cost of repairs can be excessive. Prevention is a cost effective alternative and considered as general maintenance. Having your leaking shower sealed can prevent this and also leaving your shower looking like new and from just $375, it's an affordable alternative to a full shower replacement and re-tile.

The signs and symptoms of a leaking shower can sometimes appear minor however can be causing significant damage below your shower under tiles.

We do not charge for a call out and offer a FREE no obligation shower assessment with one of our experienced technicians. BOOK NOW and find out if Sealed Right can fix your leaking shower today.

leaking shower sealing early prevention can save thousands
While the symptoms of a leaking shower can be minor the impact can by significant. Prevention is key. Have leaking showers sealed before it's too late

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