Symptoms can be minor

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

leaking shower symptoms can appear minro
cracked, missing or mouldy grout can be a symptom of a leaking shower

Some symptoms of a leaking shower can appear minor or insignificant however these minor symptoms if disregarded or overlooked can have drastic consequences.

Cracked, missing or mouldy grout. Missing, lifting or mouldy sealants or rotting, water stained or mouldy surrounding walls, floors or cupboards can indicate that water is leaking under tiles.

If left untreated this damage can end up costing thousands however our highly skilled tradesmen can seal and repair showers to prevent water leaking and freshen up the look of your shower for a fraction of the cost.

We are so confident in our shower sealing products and tradesmen's workmanship that we guarantee our work for up to years.

Fix leaking showers and have your bathroom looking like new
Fix leaking showers and have your bathroom looking like new

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