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Water leaking under the screen

before and after of shower sealed with screen removal

There are times when the water can seep underneath your screen, in this instance our highly skilled technicians will recommend the screen be removed and the shower sealed underneath and the screen put back in.

Can we remove the screen?

In most instances yes our technicians can remove the screen, seal underneath and then re-install your existing screen.

In some cases, the screen cannot be removed by our technicians, if this is the case you can have a shower screen company or glacier do this for you.

Other times you may be getting a new screen put in. Depending on the situation our technician may remove the screen for you or the shower screen company may come out and remove first, we will then seal and they will return to install the new screen. In all situations our friendly technicians will assess and advise the best course of action to ensure the best result for your shower.

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