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We get too many calls about insurance

Unfortunately we get a lot of calls from people who find out after the insurer has knocked back their claim due to a leaking shower. Shower sealing is normally considered as general maintenance for your shower and required prevention against a leaking shower. Tiny cracks, chips, lifting in sealant and even the presence of mould, may all look insignificant but can all have disastrous consequences if left unresolved. The simple solution is to have showers sealed every few years or on the presentation of cracked, chipped or missing grout and sealants. Our professional technicians remove all the old grout and sealant and replace this with fresh, new grout and shower specific sealant to create a fully sealed shower preventing leaks.

Every shower is slightly different and will require a different level of work, this is way we offer a free shower assessment. This gives our technicians the opportunity to conduct the required tests and assess if the service is first suitable for your shower and also the level of works required. From there they can give an accurate quote and advise on an estimated time frame.

Leaking shower flood testing
Flood testing for leaking shower

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