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What is shower sealing?

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

What is shower sealing and why does it need to be done?

Shower sealing is the process of removing the old grout and sealants from a shower and replacing it with new product. This effectively leaves the shower sealed.

Over time the grout and sealants will lift, crack and chip in the shower. This can be due to general use or wear, movement, or even an impact. As water flows through the tiny cracks or gaps this will cause damage to floors and walls and also damage the bedding and structure of the shower. For this reason shower sealing should be done regularly or when signs such as cracks, missing grout, lifting sealant or silicone appear. Most insurance companies class shower sealing as required maintenance for a shower.

If proper maintenance is not completed, the extent of the damage can become significant. At which point shower sealing will not be an appropriate service and a full shower renovation will be required.

Shower sealing is not just for leaking showers. It is best done regularly before problems present.

Thankfully shower sealing can generally be completed within a day and is a cost effective service which can save you thousands in the future.

beige shower floor before and after shower sealing
Before and After Shower Sealing

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