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Fresh Grout and Sealant, Some FAQ's

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

outstanding before and after of white tile shower

OK, so what exactly is shower sealing?

We remove all the old grout and sealant around the shower depending on what your shower requires and replace it with fresh job specific grout and sealant without the removal of your existing tiles. This means all your grout and sealant is NEW, NO patch jobs to create a watertight finish and gives the shower a fresh new look.

Can you fix my old shower screen?

Sorry we don't repair shower screens, only the showers themselves. This is it's own specialty trade and there are plenty of companies out there to call if you are looking to replace a screen.

Can you fix my fibreglass or acrylic shower base?

Sorry we only work with tiled showers. Again these types of showers are their own specialty trade. Who would have known there was so much to a shower?

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